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Mario Toon is on Newgrounds for those who missed it! :)

2012-12-11 15:50:50 by ZenithQuinn


^^ Click to watch ^^

This one went pretty under the radar, I'd appreciate more feedback on it!
Hope you enjoy.

For more stuffs & cartoons check out my Youtube Channel!

I also have a Facebook page with some random updates about future projects.

Also love that PleaseDiePie vid on the frontpage, congrats Speedo on all the recognition! Keep at the hard work.
Also thanks to mike and tom for sending me swivel it's very helpful for swf conversion.

I hope to get a new toon out on youtube before christmas about that grump cat, tard. You know the one. You don't? Well here's a mothertruckin' picture then!
Love Quinn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mario Toon is on Newgrounds for those who missed it! :)


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2012-12-11 16:28:30

that cat's face reminds me of wilford brimley. and thanks, maang