New Cartoon! Steam Summer Sale!

2012-06-17 20:16:07 by ZenithQuinn

Here's the new cartoon!
Just a quick one, longer version going up on youtube in a couple of days.

While you're here, subscribe to my youtube and help a brother out! Subscribe Here!

New Cartoon! Steam Summer Sale!


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2012-06-17 21:31:51

More like crapmunky.

ZenithQuinn responds:

More like . stanly-dicken..damnit it doesn't work as good with yoU! :P


2012-06-18 01:46:07

I came here for cheap games

ZenithQuinn responds:

and left with cheap laughs


2012-06-19 13:53:03

Stop eating pizza, you'll get fat

ZenithQuinn responds:

I eat pizza everyday, still a skinny bastard


2012-06-20 10:30:55

I think if you get Reddit too pay for it the calorie count equals 0.