Which is better, Angry Birds or Call of Duty?

2012-09-09 17:41:10 by ZenithQuinn

I made a new video over on Youtube! I'd appreciate if some of you went over and subscribed if you enjoy my stuff :)


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2012-09-09 17:49:22

Its really not nice to come here to answer your question, and then seeing some video made by you so you get views

They actually both suck


2012-09-09 17:50:04

i agree with evilstriker, both of them sucks


2012-09-09 18:05:29

What the other 2 said.


2012-09-09 18:16:02

Angry Birds has been available on webpages for a long time before Angry Birds, it just existed with different themes and names, and I believe the term they use here on NG is "Cookie Cutter Games", right? Whatever.

I guess you could say Modern Warfare 3 has existed since Modern Warfare 1, so that makes Angry Birds even more of an insultingly old one-trick pony.

I didn't watch the video at all. My attention span is kinda w--


2012-09-09 18:38:15

I play call of duty :(

ZenithQuinn responds:

i play both c:


2012-09-09 18:50:35

Whatever guys my clan will rape all of you. add my XBL gamer tag

xX-Sik_h3dSh0+zz_420-W33dSNYp37-KUSH_Xx{RONPAU L}

1v1 me bitch.

ZenithQuinn responds:



2012-09-09 19:09:03

This kind of like comparing apples to bricks. It doesn't make too much sense. Though it is a funny vid. Never been a fan of either but both are decent time killers.


2012-09-09 19:32:47

lol, you're like that fast food of flash game parodies.

ZenithQuinn responds:

Well people like fast food, i hope?!


2012-09-09 20:41:06

The problem with both is that they've both been run into the ground. You can only ride on the success of a concept before people start to recognize YOU'RE PLAYING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN.


2012-09-09 22:47:08

i kinda see the comparison in this match up.... a better one is which do you think is being overused less?really these games are being milked dry


2012-09-09 22:55:30

Silly Goose.
Oregon Trail beats both of these games

ZenithQuinn responds:

haaha YES


2012-09-09 23:57:28

thats an easy one Call of Angry Birds of course.


2012-09-10 01:12:52

"Silly Goose.
Oregon Trail beats both of these games"



2012-09-10 04:50:43

I agree with PlatnumDrake.


2012-09-10 18:33:42

Wasn't this a short comic on dorkly.com?

ZenithQuinn responds:

Yup :)


2012-09-14 01:28:36

COD would be awesome without the annoying 10 year olds. But they are both far too over-rated.


2012-09-14 09:19:41

The amount of stupid people in the review field makes me genuinely worried.