Looking for voice actors to be part of a Breaking Bad cartoon!

2013-05-19 11:57:26 by ZenithQuinn

Hi guys,
I'm making a Breaking Bad cartoon.
I need voice actors to help voice the following people ;
-Walt Junior-

I would like if you did a recognizable impersonation or at least a comedic take on their voices.
If possible send some of your work, or some lines.
You would have to be a fan of the show to know what these characters are like.

In other news I finished college, done some animations for youtube.com/Lore
and am making some Die Hard parodies after this Breaking Bad one. And my 18 year old cat died. bummer.

Looking for voice actors to be part of a Breaking Bad cartoon!


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2013-05-19 14:01:45

That's one sexy cat.


2013-05-19 14:27:42

i was yer 1st subscriber on your youtube channel.

ZenithQuinn responds:

oh really?! yay


2013-05-19 15:03:51

I have not seen it

ZenithQuinn responds:

well then why did you comment haha.


2013-05-19 19:52:08

I recommend going on YouTube and type in "Character Name" Impersonations!



2013-05-19 23:26:28

I'll send you something?

ZenithQuinn responds:

Sure thing :D


2013-05-20 00:29:49

I'll send you something tomorrow, don't go anywhere!


2013-05-20 17:56:26

Gah, screw it, I can't do anything decent


2013-05-24 02:17:03

Very suave and sophisticated parody of the Xbox, great job!


2013-05-24 14:53:32

Hey there! I'd love to help with voice acting.

Please check out my 2013 audio submissions to get an idea of how I sound.