I graduated college! KITTENS! BREAKING BAD!

2013-06-07 15:47:09 by ZenithQuinn

I finished my 4 year bachelors in animation. I got an A in my final year film too, I'll be uploading it to Newgrounds and Youtube Monday week so make sure to:

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It would mean alot if you watched it and left a review so make sure to do the above so you won't miss it! :)

other news:
- I've gotten all the voices for a Breaking Bad toon I'm making, and I'm also making a couple of Shorts for HuHaTV. The first will be up on the 14th :)
-I adopted two kittens! Their names are Gizmo & Nibbler. They're amazing and so playful! I adopted them after my 18 year old cat, Waffles, died. :(
-My school is having an exhibition with all the courses graduates work. The modelmakers made a pretty cool animatronic rabbit and a stargate. The launch was great, there was free food and drink everywhere and the sun was beaming. So if you live in Ireland, make sure to head out to IADT Dun Laoghaire and have a look.
-200 fans on Newgrounds! Sure..it's not a lot! But I appreciate everyone that enjoys my work. Even if I'm not a great animator, I still enjoy creating content for you guys, so thanks for being a fan!


p.s here's a progress screenshot from the Huha cartoon


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2013-06-07 21:31:14

That's a pretty big achievement, congrats! Breaking Bad is the shiz.

ZenithQuinn responds:



2013-06-08 01:07:48


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2013-06-08 12:27:58

Well done Q.

ZenithQuinn responds:

Thanks luis!


2013-06-10 11:29:18


ZenithQuinn responds:

thanks man.