I have a new cartoon you pile of umbilical cords.

2013-06-18 14:56:41 by ZenithQuinn

It's pretty long, so whip out the popcorn turn off the lights and unzip your pants.


If you enjoyed it make sure to vote and leave a review of your thoughts, i respond to EVERY review. :)

In other news I have a video going up on HuhaTV, about Star Trek very soon, just waiting for them to upload it.
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I'm starting a Breaking Bad animation now, should be fun! I might even use ACTUAL animation for once! We'll see. haha.
Thanks for reading. :)


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2013-06-18 20:22:50

'Journey to the Center of teh Nerd' made my day!

ZenithQuinn responds:

glad you enjoyed it!


2013-06-18 20:59:18

Excellent work man, I thoroughly enjoyed your newest publication.

ZenithQuinn responds:

thank you kind sir


2013-06-19 02:36:17

Congrats on Daily Feature, Quinn! ...I haven't actually watched it yet but I certainly will when I'm not so tired. Pflpflffl.

ZenithQuinn responds:



2013-06-19 10:38:37

Now that I have watched it, that was great.

ZenithQuinn responds:

glad you thought so! Thanks.