I'm getting Breast Implants!

2013-07-31 15:05:58 by ZenithQuinn

Hey everyone!
No I'm not really getting breast implants. Although it has been a dream of mine to get one giant breast implanted on my forehead. One day it'll come true. Well now that you're reading this, you might as well be forced to endure my NEWS!

Well here's what I've been up to.


I've been making some animations on there. You may have seen my Star Trek toon on there, and my Wake Up Call one.
I've recently started making weekly shorts for MrWeebl on there too for the Wobble Box series. It's good fun :)


Yep, the big old Machinima. They contacted me to do some work for them. I'm still a partner for the Maker network, but it was pretty cool of Machinima to contact me asking to do some animation. They sent me a script for a Jar Jar Binks Star Wars spoof, which I just finished up on. I don't know when they plan on uploading it, but keep an eye out for it anyway. I don't know what else they have planned for me tbh! Here's a screenshot of the toon below!

-Breaking Bad!-

I've been itching to make a Breaking Bad cartoon for a while now. I've started to animate it. My friend Paul is helping out with a background too. You should check out his art page and get him to do your backgrounds! He's a beast! Anyway, this is taking ages, 'cos I've had the Machinima and Huha stuff to do, but I've got a bit of air to breathe now, so hopefully I'll get it done in time for the season return!

-In other news, I've been applying for studio work in my city, Dublin. I did an animation test for one, and I'm waiting to hear back. They're doing a show for CBBC, it would be cool if I got the job, fingers crossed. I had to download the new Flash to do the test. WORST FLASH EVER. I didn't even pirate it, I went and got the free trial. It crashed everytime I exported a SWF. Good job Adobe! Good job.

Also my two kittens are getting pretty big. Gizmo and Nibbler. They're so awesome. They gallop around the house and play all the time like lunatics, and love getting cuddled. Who says cats are snobby?!

Oh and another thing, I'm a mod for the Newgrounds Subreddit, so if you have a reddit account make sure to go submit stuff and comment with posts, it's a bit dead at the moment, but it's growing slowly but surely!

If you bothered to read all this, thanks! I'd like to hear what's new in your life too, so comment below if you've got any interesting news if you want!


Quinn c:

I'm getting Breast Implants!


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2013-07-31 15:38:18

the clouds are the fucking bushes

ZenithQuinn responds:

Mario lied to us all


2013-07-31 19:16:38

There's still going to be implants.
Just...not yet.


2013-08-01 05:08:08

Damn. I was looking forward to seeing them.


2013-08-01 11:04:05

can u upload updates on the progress bar of your export. im anxiously awaiting for it to finish export. ill be back in 21 mins

ZenithQuinn responds:

it's currently on 7 years 3 days 25 minutes, will post monthly updates