Some new toons for you folks! :) Also FACEBOOK!

2013-08-19 09:40:36 by ZenithQuinn

I just uploaded a new cartoon, it's a small collaboration with Abby from Junior Scientist Power Hour

You can watch it right now by clicking here!

✚ In other news, I've been making small skits for Weebl over on HuhaTv for his Wobble Box series, here's the latest episode!

✚ I have a video coming out on Machinima's happyhour channel, it's about Star Wars and should be out this week!

✚And lastly, come join my Facebook page! I post lots of updates and work in progress stuff.

..what's new with you guys? :D

Some new toons for you folks! :) Also FACEBOOK!


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2013-08-19 22:04:06

Good dynamic... but oh so short, I mean, the nerve of some animators! My poor eyes had to watch it a few times.


2013-09-26 15:39:14

coolsies ;3