I've got to stop procrastinating.

2013-12-22 10:16:05 by ZenithQuinn

Oooh the text editor has a nice black theme now.. I like it!


Anyway, I haven't been up to much. Last month I had a bunch of work for Machinima and Weebl, but now I have nothing lined up! So I'm finally getting down to making a Harry potter Cartoon! I have the voices and a couple of backgrounds, so hopefully I'll get it done for the new year.


In other news, I bought a GoPro for my trip to Thailand. I'm heading there on Jan 10 for two weeks! I can't wait! Anyone been there?


Also I made a website: http://www.zenithquinn.com let me know what you think!

I still have to make a showreel for it since my old one is awful... but I'm waiting til I finish the Potter toon so i can add that to it!


Also the Newgrounds subreddit hit 1000 subscribers, but it's still pretty dead over there so go over and subscribe! :)



Oh here's a background for the harry potter thing, how does it look? :)3061937_138772530532_dungeon.jpg


(p.s this new text editor system is amazing! Well done newgrounds!)


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2013-12-22 12:07:23

Awesome enough, that's my words.


2013-12-22 21:19:02

well now


2013-12-22 21:36:04

GET BACK TO WORK! Looking forward to your next project. Web sites looking good, harry potter BG looks great. good stuff homie.


2013-12-23 08:52:04

I've been to thailand. Just make sure to watch your wallet I guess. That place is a black hole for money.
Where you going exactly? And with friends?

ZenithQuinn responds:

Going with my girlfriend for 2 weeks! To bangkok then flying down to phuket!