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Why doesn't Newgrounds make a virtual tip-jar?

Posted by ZenithQuinn - August 4th, 2014

"Here's a crazy idea... for content on newgrounds why not set up some sort of virtual tip-jar option where users can tip a dollar or some bitcoin or whatever to a user who creates a great piece of content. With a small percentage going to NG, and the rest going to the creator. The tip-jar would be publicly visible so people can see how much has already been donated. I know if bitcoin was one of the ways to tip, it would get a lot of attention coming newgrounds way!

Also Tom, now would be a great time to do an AMA on reddit! ;)"


I posted the above to Tom's newspost, but was wondering what other people thought.

I know it would probably be difficult with paypal to set up such a system, but with bitcoin you could have it up and running tomorrow.


I think it would be a really cool addition to the site, but what do I know! :P

Comments (17)

Sounds like a great idea to me. I know lots of people hate going to a bunch (or even one) different link to another site to do donations and stuff. If it could all be right on newgrounds that'd be really nice. Easy and quick and wouldn't even need to leave the site.

Tipping would be the best and most direct way to support your favourite artist and i'd be glad tipping every once in a while, also having a shiny medal would be nice, depending on how much you've aided and not how much you tipped.

I saw a ton of web comics with paypal tip-jar
this is a cool idea

PM Tom about it, because it sounds like a pretty swell idea.

sounds like a plan to me

I like the idea as well!

kickstart that shit.

sounds great, why not?

I love this idea.

Seems like a good idea.

I mean shit, if I can tip that overworked girl who has to pretend to actually care what people want on their chicken I can definitely tip that animator who gave me a good inside joke I'll beat to death for years to come.

Although we have seen NG compromised before so you'd need security so folks couldn't have their account duped into dropping 3K on a two frame dick animation. Still sounds rad.

A great idea!

Have you considered the fact that it could get be used for "evil" purposes? There's probably already a lot of legal shit Newgrounds has to deal with (I don't know if you noticed the recent form you need to fill out to get your payment?)

Sites like Kickstarter and Patreon probably have all the legal shit sorted out (and have a whole bunch of lawyers), but Newgrounds is way smaller.

I'm just thinking that these things could be used for money laundering or something....

The main issue with this is how payments would work, a special set up would likely have to be done with paypal.

is that the plan