Help Support Me On Patreon!

2014-08-14 07:14:23 by ZenithQuinn


I have recently set up a Patreon to help create cartoons more regularly.


Check it out here:


Some of the rewards include behind the scene art work, customized animations for you and animation tips & help when you require it!

I recommend just $1 , but any amount is absolutely awesome!

Thanks for being my fan!



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2014-08-14 10:22:31

Sweet showreel man! I'll be sure to become a patreon when I finally get round to setting up an account :)

ZenithQuinn responds:

awesome, thanks nicholas!!


2014-08-14 21:07:47

I find your rewards a bit lacking, are the animations repeating? This is something I'd like to commit too, not something I'm buying once. You also need to spruce up those milestone goals XD

ZenithQuinn responds:

Sure I'm open to suggestions!! Let me know what you think would be good.


2014-08-14 22:15:39

My first suggestion would be to check out other animators and compare what they have to offer to what you can offer. The big rewards are awesome, but I feel there's not enough bonuses for smaller patrons which you'll have more of in the end.

ZenithQuinn responds:

I already did that, and i have similar rewards to another big animator. I added a $2 pledge which might interest you! :)


2014-08-15 01:28:28

cool that way


2014-08-15 05:46:05

You're not going to make a youtube video to promote your patreon page? Seems a bit silly to just ask Newgrounds.

ZenithQuinn responds:

I figured i'd ask here to gauge interest first