Bitcoin, Patreon & Driving Test!

2014-10-06 05:36:17 by ZenithQuinn

Hi everyone!


First up, thanks very much for the Front page for my new cartoon:

Bitcoin Users In A Nutshell 

I didn't expect it to get front page, since it's such a niche type of video but I'm delighted! :)

I recently set up a Patreon, I'd appreciate any support. Thanks to my new patrons, Tom Fulp and StevRayBro!


I finally passed the driving test! Seriously...i've never done a more stressful thing in my life! I'm glad to get it out of the way, and I'm working my butt off to finally buy my first car hopefully before Christmas.


Anyway, how's everyone else doing? :)


P.S here's a picture of my cat, Gizmo. He's weird. 




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2014-10-06 06:45:45

cool cat dude i wish my cat would do that she never does that

ZenithQuinn responds:

i put him up there since he was a kitten and now he sits there all the time haha


2014-10-06 14:56:13

Congrats on passing the driving test! So you've got a license now, yeah?

ZenithQuinn responds:

yep, full license! woohoo!


2014-10-07 00:01:23

were not those kids