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ZenithQuinn's News

Posted by ZenithQuinn - February 2nd, 2014

Will Newgrounds have an option to donate with bitcoin soon?


That would be neat.


Whatcha think Tom?

Posted by ZenithQuinn - December 22nd, 2013

Oooh the text editor has a nice black theme now.. I like it!


Anyway, I haven't been up to much. Last month I had a bunch of work for Machinima and Weebl, but now I have nothing lined up! So I'm finally getting down to making a Harry potter Cartoon! I have the voices and a couple of backgrounds, so hopefully I'll get it done for the new year.


In other news, I bought a GoPro for my trip to Thailand. I'm heading there on Jan 10 for two weeks! I can't wait! Anyone been there?


Also I made a website: http://www.zenithquinn.com let me know what you think!

I still have to make a showreel for it since my old one is awful... but I'm waiting til I finish the Potter toon so i can add that to it!


Also the Newgrounds subreddit hit 1000 subscribers, but it's still pretty dead over there so go over and subscribe! :)



Oh here's a background for the harry potter thing, how does it look? :)3061937_138772530532_dungeon.jpg


(p.s this new text editor system is amazing! Well done newgrounds!)

Posted by ZenithQuinn - November 5th, 2013

Hi guys!

Anybody out there able to do a decent Severus Snape Impression?

Also Looking for Harry Potter and Hermione voice impressions, but they don't have to be spot on.

Comment below or pm me!

I can pay!

Posted by ZenithQuinn - October 25th, 2013

Well then you might like this toon i just posted


xoxo gossip quinn

p.s here's a pic of my cat gizmo reaching warp speed

Who likes Star Trek?

Posted by ZenithQuinn - August 19th, 2013

I just uploaded a new cartoon, it's a small collaboration with Abby from Junior Scientist Power Hour

You can watch it right now by clicking here!

✚ In other news, I've been making small skits for Weebl over on HuhaTv for his Wobble Box series, here's the latest episode!

✚ I have a video coming out on Machinima's happyhour channel, it's about Star Wars and should be out this week!

✚And lastly, come join my Facebook page! I post lots of updates and work in progress stuff.

..what's new with you guys? :D

Some new toons for you folks! :) Also FACEBOOK!

Posted by ZenithQuinn - August 9th, 2013

Check it out here.
I can't wait.
What are your theories for the ending?

I made a toon about how Breaking Bad will end!

Posted by ZenithQuinn - July 31st, 2013

Hey everyone!
No I'm not really getting breast implants. Although it has been a dream of mine to get one giant breast implanted on my forehead. One day it'll come true. Well now that you're reading this, you might as well be forced to endure my NEWS!

Well here's what I've been up to.


I've been making some animations on there. You may have seen my Star Trek toon on there, and my Wake Up Call one.
I've recently started making weekly shorts for MrWeebl on there too for the Wobble Box series. It's good fun :)


Yep, the big old Machinima. They contacted me to do some work for them. I'm still a partner for the Maker network, but it was pretty cool of Machinima to contact me asking to do some animation. They sent me a script for a Jar Jar Binks Star Wars spoof, which I just finished up on. I don't know when they plan on uploading it, but keep an eye out for it anyway. I don't know what else they have planned for me tbh! Here's a screenshot of the toon below!

-Breaking Bad!-

I've been itching to make a Breaking Bad cartoon for a while now. I've started to animate it. My friend Paul is helping out with a background too. You should check out his art page and get him to do your backgrounds! He's a beast! Anyway, this is taking ages, 'cos I've had the Machinima and Huha stuff to do, but I've got a bit of air to breathe now, so hopefully I'll get it done in time for the season return!

-In other news, I've been applying for studio work in my city, Dublin. I did an animation test for one, and I'm waiting to hear back. They're doing a show for CBBC, it would be cool if I got the job, fingers crossed. I had to download the new Flash to do the test. WORST FLASH EVER. I didn't even pirate it, I went and got the free trial. It crashed everytime I exported a SWF. Good job Adobe! Good job.

Also my two kittens are getting pretty big. Gizmo and Nibbler. They're so awesome. They gallop around the house and play all the time like lunatics, and love getting cuddled. Who says cats are snobby?!

Oh and another thing, I'm a mod for the Newgrounds Subreddit, so if you have a reddit account make sure to go submit stuff and comment with posts, it's a bit dead at the moment, but it's growing slowly but surely!

If you bothered to read all this, thanks! I'd like to hear what's new in your life too, so comment below if you've got any interesting news if you want!


Quinn c:

I'm getting Breast Implants!

Posted by ZenithQuinn - June 18th, 2013

It's pretty long, so whip out the popcorn turn off the lights and unzip your pants.


If you enjoyed it make sure to vote and leave a review of your thoughts, i respond to EVERY review. :)

In other news I have a video going up on HuhaTV, about Star Trek very soon, just waiting for them to upload it.
Subscribe to my youtube to keep up to date

I'm starting a Breaking Bad animation now, should be fun! I might even use ACTUAL animation for once! We'll see. haha.
Thanks for reading. :)

Posted by ZenithQuinn - June 7th, 2013

I finished my 4 year bachelors in animation. I got an A in my final year film too, I'll be uploading it to Newgrounds and Youtube Monday week so make sure to:

Become a fan on Newgrounds


Subscribe to my Youtube!

It would mean alot if you watched it and left a review so make sure to do the above so you won't miss it! :)

other news:
- I've gotten all the voices for a Breaking Bad toon I'm making, and I'm also making a couple of Shorts for HuHaTV. The first will be up on the 14th :)
-I adopted two kittens! Their names are Gizmo & Nibbler. They're amazing and so playful! I adopted them after my 18 year old cat, Waffles, died. :(
-My school is having an exhibition with all the courses graduates work. The modelmakers made a pretty cool animatronic rabbit and a stargate. The launch was great, there was free food and drink everywhere and the sun was beaming. So if you live in Ireland, make sure to head out to IADT Dun Laoghaire and have a look.
-200 fans on Newgrounds! Sure..it's not a lot! But I appreciate everyone that enjoys my work. Even if I'm not a great animator, I still enjoy creating content for you guys, so thanks for being a fan!


p.s here's a progress screenshot from the Huha cartoon

Posted by ZenithQuinn - May 31st, 2013

Hi guys!
I'm looking into getting ToonBoom.
There's a few different versions, which one should I "buy" ?

I think Harmony is the best? It's all very confusing. Anyway let me know below which one I should get and how i can "buy" it!

Also my xbox juan(view here!) video was front paged for over a week! Sweet! Thanks Newgrounds. I didn't think it would get so popular.
It also got daily 1st and weekly 3rd.

In other news, I'm making a Star Trek parody for HuhaTV, a breaking bad parody for my own channel, and writing scripts with a guy called cribble on youtube for a die hard cartoon I wanna make.

Also I just finished college and my exhibition is next Thursday! I'll be uploading my Final Year film next weekend too. Here's a picture!

For more of my stuff check out MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

Also is it possible to get your username /url changed on newgrounds? I don't use 'gapmunky' anymore.
*edit* TomFulp just changed my username! Thanks so much. Yay for online consistency!

Thanks for reading and have a splendiferous day!

ToonBoom question! & updates